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Why beginners  fail?

Difficulty to trade
I'm alone

Sitting in front of your screen and isolated? Wouldn't it be great to have a supportive community that can offer guidance, share their trading experiences, and provide valuable tips?

What to trade?

You want to make profitable trade but but you are unsure about which ones will move at the right time? Not confident about which assets might skyrocket?

I can't spot the right companies to invest in

It's impossible for me to spend hours studying and checking all the news, websites, and financial reports.

I always buy too late

When I want to buy it's already too late : Bitcoin, Tesla, Amazon, DodgeCoin. I could have already been rich, instead of reading this page 😉

I'm right but I'm losing

I'm picking the right companies or cryptos but somehow i'm still loosing money. I feel like I never get in at the right time.

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Statistics confirm it... option 1

“90% of traders lose their money in 90 days”

Day traders, forex traders, and options traders often experience higher failure rates due to emotional trading, poor risk management, overtrading, and choosing the wrong strategy.

“Traders are alone and depressed”

Many traders work alone, often from home or a remote location. This isolation can lead to feelings of loneliness and detachment, which can contribute to depression.

“FOMO is the enemy”

The FOMO strategy is based on fear, greed, jealousy and impatience. It's dangerous to base your decision on News and rumours, Social media or Big winning streaks.

“Robots are replacing tradings”

Goldman Sachs, the world's most powerful investment banks, employed 600 people in 2000 but they are onl;y 2 in 2023. They automated their trading strategy and use algorithms.

Statistically Proven

“90% of traders lose their money in 90 days”

Beginners fail due to emotional trading, poor money management and choosing the wrong stocks or cryptos.

*Source: Money Show
“Traders are alone and depressed”

Many traders work alone, often from home. This isolation leads to loneliness and detachment, which can contribute to depression.

*Source: Day Trade The World
“FOMO is the enemy”

FOMO, or “Fear of Missing Out,” occurs when you buy after everyone else, once it’s already too expensive. By the time your grandmother starts discussing Bitcoin, it’s typically too late.

*Source: Medium
“Robots are replacing traders”

Goldman Sachs, the world's most powerful investment banks, employed 600 traders in 2000 but only 2 remained in 2023. And you were thinking to trade manually?

*Source: Les Échos
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Perfect Execution

Enter the market at the right time with our cutting-edge technology! ARYA Essential will seize every opportunity for you. ARYA will automatically take a position when the market moves in your favor.

1 Breakout trading
ARYA Essential will wait for the asset price to break out of a range, also known as breaking the next fractal, before taking a position.
2Trade at a specific timing
Time your entry and exit in a way that only if a certain event happens at a certain time your orders will be triggered.​
3Trade the news
Use economic or corporate news price breakouts to trigger your entry.
4Trailing stop loss
Adjust the price of your stop loss automatically according to price changes.
5Take-Profit & Stop-Loss
Close your position automatically at a specific profit or loss - the first to occur.
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Master Your Trading

Discover five complete trading courses to take your trading to the next level with two proven strategies.

1Shape your mindset
With 10 years of trading experience summarized in this course.
2 Create your own trading system
Maximize your performance over time.
3Apply the opportunistic approach
Learn to take advantage of the market when others are fearful.
4 Use the statistical approach
Use math to get an edge over other traders.
5 Automate
Set up your strategies and execute them in one click. Spend less time in front of the screens.
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Wall Street 2.0 trading training
They trust us:
"ARYA is a great tool that allowed me to automate my trading. It also allowed me to optimize my time/money and risk/return ratio."
Yann Fsd
"I started with ARYA at the end of 2018 (at the start of the company) and I have seen it all evolve, and I can tell you that it is impressive to find such professionalism and rigor."
"Good evening Fabien! It's been a year since I started using ARYA following your USD/JPY signal for my first trade (It was a win of course). A big thank you!"
Arnaud B
"Thank you for your work! I didn't think I would ever be able to get into the trading world! I discovered a new hobby."
Manon Dejean
"I am a new ARYA user since the beginning of April. I used to be a manual trader for several years, and I must say that after 2 weeks of real use on a small account, I am very satisfied with the algo."
Thibaut Trading
"Thank you ARYA, 100% of this software is great. Fortunately my wife is there to stop me at the right moment and bring me back to reality!"
"Great results, while I'm sleeping on the Dow Jones in M15 for a buy order I made last night! Epic."
CEO, Acme, Inc.

The Wall Street courses opened my eyes to trading techniques. The strategies taught are solid and easy to follow.

CEO, Acme, Inc.

Thanks to ARYA Essential, I've eliminated all my common mistakes. It's a real game changer!

CEO, Acme, Inc.

Joining the guys on Discord was the best decision for my trading. I've learned a lot, they are very responsive and helpful.

CEO, Acme, Inc.

I was able to get this for free. It's a lot to take in but it's incredibly interesting and I can't wait to apply the strategies I've learned.

CEO, Acme, Inc.

I was skeptical at first, but the results speak for themselves. My trading has improved, I am up 5% this month, let's hope I can keep it up!

CEO, Acme, Inc.

ARYA Essential has freed me from the stress of manual management. It's like having a co-pilot for my trading.

CEO, Acme, Inc.

The templates shared in the  community have transformed the way I trade. The mutual support is incredible.

CEO, Acme, Inc.

For now I am happy, let's see if my trading will continue improve long term.

CEO, Acme, Inc.

I've always wanted to start trading. With the help of the coached I was able to take it slow.I just started trading with real capital and so far so good!

CEO, Acme, Inc.

Now I can't trade without ARYA Essential. I can't go back to manual trading, it's too scary.

CEO, Acme, Inc.

If I can do it, you can do it too. You just need to take the first step.

CEO, Acme, Inc.

Discussions with expert traders are invaluable. Their experience has saved me from many mistakes.

CEO, Acme, Inc.

I am not done yet with the courses but so far I have learned many new things. I can't wait to start trading.

CEO, Acme, Inc.

I improved my trading performance in a few months thanks to everyone on Discord.

CEO, Acme, Inc.

The AMO group is lively and active. I made some friends who inspire me.

CEO, Acme, Inc.

I was a beginner, and now I trade with confidence. Thank you for these incredible tools.

CEO, Acme, Inc.

ARYA Essential manages everything for me. I can finally focus on finding good market opportunities.

CEO, Acme, Inc.

The quality of the training is exceptional. Everything is clear and directly applicable.

CEO, Acme, Inc.

Joining this program was the best decision of my life as a trader. I recommend it 100%.

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To trade, you must deposit your trading capital on a secure and regulated platform
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What the ARYA Starter offer includes?

The ARYA Starter pack give you a free access to :

- ARYA Essential software for 1 year
- The A.M.O. trader group for 1 year
- Wall Street 2.0 trading courses

How can I use my pack?

- ARYA Essential software : you can install your software through an easy process indicated on your onboarding email. For more information, contact our team via

- A.M.O. trader group: create an account and access the Discord group via the link we send you by email.

- Wall Street 2.0 trading courses: you can access your courses anytime on your e-learning platform. Go on and connect!

How do I open an AvaTrade account?

1. Open an AvaTrade account via this link.

2. Deposit €1000 on it to your AvaTrade account.

3. Fill in this typeform with your information.

--> Access ARYA Essential, the A.M.O. group and the 'Wall Street 2.0' trading courses.

What if I already have an AvaTrade account?

If you already have an AvaTrade account and would like to take advantage of the special offer, you can create a new account with a different email address and proceed with the deposit.

Can I learn trading with a demo account?

Absolutely, our broker partner offers a ‘fictitious money’ investment account that mimics the behavior of stocks under real market conditions. You can practice trading before investing your real money.

What is A.M.O.?

A.M.O. is a Discord group made up of ARYA trader coaches and an active community 7 days a week.Access live trading, trading plans and ARYA Suite+ templates.

Where do the statistics displayed come from?

Statistics on the page come from the following sources:

'90% of traders lose their money in 90 days' :

'Traders are alone and depressed' :

'FOMO is the enemy' :

'Robots are replacing traders' :