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Trade all type of markets, cryptos, stocks, fx, etc…

Choose from multiple asset classes: Forex, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, ETFs, Commodities, Indices and Futures.

Assets and Markets


Designed for New Traders

Automatically calculates your position size based on exposure and risk per trade you choose.

Reduce Your Risk

ARYA calculates your entry point automatically, following the market direction you choose (long or short).

Protect Your Capital

The maximum daily loss is capped at 2% of net liquidation value.

Safeguard Your Capital

Don't Lose Money

90% of traders lose their money in 90 days because of bad money management and emotional trading, don’t be one of them.

Manage your capital

Don’t destroy your account by making the same mistakes, no capital means no trading.

Don't Gamble

Get into a trade when the market reverses in your favour, while following the right money management practices.

We Make Sophisticated Seem Simple

Begin trading while applying all the best practices

Right Amount,
Right Time

Trade the right amount of money, at the right time, with the right safeties in place.

Make your mistakes less costly

ARYA Essentials makes sure you risk a maximum of 2% of your account on a trade.

Pick your position

Like you're picking a T-shirt : Small, Medium, Large and let ARYA do the maths for you.

A safe trade

ARYA Essentials will wait and only trade when the price is going your way. If you are wrong, ARYA does not get into position, you are protected.

Trailing mode

ARYA allows a trade to stay open and continue to profit as long as the price is moving in the investor's favour. It’s the end of seeing profitable trades turn into losers.

Maths on your side

ARYA’s smart risk management calculations makes it mathematically impossible to lose all your capital.

ARYA Essential offers you 18 different indicators

You are not alone

Payment plans

Included in our offer:

  • Spécificités
  • Unlimited updates
  • MT4 Compatible
  • Lifetime license
  • Inclus
  • Free VPS for 3 months
  • Training courses
  • Live coaching sessions
Capital < $10 000
Capital > $10 000
Starting from
Pay in 4 instalments
Starting from
Pay in 4 instalments
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Satisfaction guaranteed

Change your mind within 14 days and get a full refund.

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Technical Support

We have a support team ready to answer any questions.

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Listen to our customers
Bonsoir Fabien ! Voilà un an que je suis arrivé sur ARYA avec ce premier trade sur ton signal USD/JPY de l'époque (gagnant bien évidemment). Un grand merci !
Arnaud B
ARYA est un super outil qui te permet d’automatiser ton trading. Il te permet aussi d’optimiser ton ratio temps/argent et risque/rendement.
Yann Fsd
La banane et grosse motivation ça fait plaisir à voir, en tout cas merci pour tout ce que vous nous apportez et lechangement de mentalité que vous avez suscité en moi.
Nicolas Masson
Merci pour votre travail ! Je ne pensais pas un jour pouvoir me lancer dans cet univers ! Je me suis découvert une nouvelle passion.
Manon Dejean
Je suis un nouveau pilote ARYA depuis début avril. Trader manuel depuis plusieurs années, je dois dire qu'après 2 semaines d'utilisation réelle sur un petit compte, je suis très satisfait de l'algo.
Thibaut Trading
Merci ARYA, 100% de ce logiciel est top. Heureusement que ma femme est là pour m'arrêter au bon moment et me faire revenir à la réalité !

Un grand merci à ARYA pour nous avoir offert une excellente performance !Mon objectif du mois est déjà atteint.

Super résultat… pendant que je dors Sur le Dow Jones en M15 pour un achat de trade que j'ai réalisé hier soir ! Au top

What others have to say

Yann Fsd
CEO, Acme, Inc.

ARYA is a great tool that allowed me to automate my trading. It also allowed me to optimize my time/money and risk/return ratio.

CEO, Acme, Inc.

I started with ARYA at the end of 2018 (at the start of the company) and I have seen it all evolve, and I can tell you that it is impressive to find such professionalism and rigor.

Arnaud B
CEO, Acme, Inc.

Good evening Fabien! It's been a year since I started using ARYA following your USD/JPY signal for my first trade (It was a win of course). A big thank you!

Manon Dejean
CEO, Acme, Inc.

Thank you for your work! I didn't think I would ever be able to get into the trading world! I discovered a new hobby.

Thibaut Trading
CEO, Acme, Inc.

I am a new ARYA user since the beginning of April. I used to be a manual trader for several years, and I must say that after 2 weeks of real use on a small account, I am very satisfied with the algo.

CEO, Acme, Inc.

Thank you ARYA, 100% of this software is great. Fortunately my wife is there to stop me at the right moment and bring me back to reality!

CEO, Acme, Inc.

Thanks to ARYA I had a great performance this month! My goal of the month is already reached.

CEO, Acme, Inc.

Great results, while I'm sleeping on the Dow Jones in M15 for a buy order I made last night! Epic.

What happens after the purchase

Step 1

Register on the ARYA dashboard
Open the onboarding email

Step 2

Sign in to your dashboard
Activate licence in the “manage licences” page

Step 3

Insert your broker ID
Receive VPS access by email Open it and start trading

Frequently asked questions

Is it easy to get help to learn how to use ARYA Essentials ?

On top of our user manual and our bi-weekly live with ARYA technical experts, we also have a social app and a Facebook group where other ARYA users can help you.

Does ARYA come with a user manual ?

Yes, ARYA will come with a detailed user manual and a video explanation of all the features.

Can I use ARYA with a demo account first ?

Yes, you can use ARYA with a demo account in order to test and perfect your strategy before starting with real capital.

Is there a training course for beginner traders included?

Our technical experts are available live, twice weekly, to answer all your questions and teach you how to become an ARYA trading expert.

Trading alone is scary, anything ARYA offers to counter that ?

ARYA offers live trading sessions to learn from professional traders, a dashboard full of educational content, and a social app where investors share and debate ideas.

Do you have a technical support team ?

Yes, our technical experts are available at

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