When should you invest in trading ?

With the rise of the Internet and new technologies, the stock market is an increasingly attractive prospect. This is due to the rise of stock market indexes, a fall in investment rates and the low interest rates on bonds and passbooks.

When should you invest in the stock market ?

The stock market is currently very popular. The ease of access to the internet and modern communication tools is making it increasingly attractive. However, many people experience failure because they did not sufficiently prepare beforehand. One thing is to have capital and good information, another thing is to know when to invest it.

The mistake that many beginners make is to invest all their capital at once. Investing in the stock market requires preparation and strategy.

First of all, identify reliable and good quality stocks, determine your objectives and calculate the risks involved, taking into account market lows.

When you get started on the stock exchange, the first thing to have in mind is the value you wish to have in your portfolio. There are several reasons for this : growth rate, remuneration policies and rates and long term prospects. These factors can all impact future value. 

Once you’ve carried out this analysis, the second step is to find the right time : and the right time is now ! Start as soon as possible and aim for the long term. Thus, investment will be consistent and so will the income generated. What’s more, it won’t weigh on your budget too much. 

It goes without saying that you should start off by investing a reasonable amount, then plan a monthly budget for stock market investment. In short, you need to set a starting goal and long-term growth objectives.

When to sell your shares

Investing in the stock market is not just about buying stocks. You also have to know how to sell them at the right time and at a good price, taking measured risks and avoiding being too greedy. To do this, set reasonable goals. You need to learn how to use your gains to survive on the market and how to resell without too much loss. In a nutshell: find the right balance.