What is MT4 ?

With the recent boom in online trading, new technical indicators have been developed. Their role is to support both retail and institutional traders. Among the most well-known is MetaTrader 4. What is MT4 and what benefits does it offer ?

Learning to trade with MT4

MetaTrader 4 is software that can be installed on all kinds of trading platforms. It is particularly appreciated by Forex investors as it offers detailed technical analysis, which is helpful for decision making. Its various features enable simultaneous management of assets from different fields, such as crypto-currencies, gold, oil, real estate, etc. To learn how to trade effectively and above all to make significant profits, the MT4 indicator is therefore the perfect choice.

To do this, MT4 identifies trends - otherwise known as impulses - informs the trader about market movements, whether they are bearish or bullish, and ultimately indicates the right moments to enter a position.

What are the advantages of MT4 ?

Millions of traders trust MetaTrader 4 because of its reliability and many advantages. These include :

Efficiency and speed

  • Efficiency and speed : in just a few clicks, MT4 performs all the necessary calculations for you and provides detailed balance sheets in the form of stock market charts that you can follow in real time.

Unmatched accuracy

  • Unmatched accuracy : One of the reasons why the most experienced traders choose the MT4 indicator is its increased accuracy. It accurately tracks trends and their fluctuations. This way, you can spot profitable impulses at a glance without having to waste time reading complex economic and financial analyses.


  • Customization : in addition to the many indicators provided by MetaTrader 4, you can add others that you will have previously created according to your needs. This will help you better understand the stock market.

Security and comprehensiveness

  • Security and comprehensiveness : at first glance, the interface may be off-putting to retail traders because of its many features. But these are proof of its comprehensiveness and versatility. Your data will be systematically saved and a history will be made available, which you can consult at any time. In addition, personal information, transactions and IP addresses are hidden and encrypted with a 129-bit key.