Choosing the best trading setup

What kind of setup do you need to trade in the best possible conditions? Read our article to find out!

Trading is based on buying and selling shares and requires the use of specific tools. In the collective imagination, trading rooms are full of screens displaying numbers and curves. It is therefore difficult for a beginner trader to have the knowledge and the right equipment from the start, and the many offers that are available on the Web makes it even more difficult to find what you are looking for. 

What are the essentials of a trading setup ?

The perfect trading setup is the one that suits your needs and the type of trading you want to do. For example, the tools needed for scalping are different from those required for day trading. In any case, opt for a setup with optimal performance, especially if it is a long-term project.

The basic materials

The essential equipment to start with is monitors, a desk and a chair. When choosing, think hard about your computer equipment setup. This detail makes all the difference! Computer performance is very important in trading. Don't invest in a weak computer, as this could be detrimental to your trading activity.

RAM and a powerful processor

For good performance, a computer must have a powerful processor. Generally, you will need a latest generation Core i7 machine

A RAM strip of at least 16 GB will optimize the performance of your computer and provide enough capacity for two monitors

In the case of a trading station that uses more than two screens, the RAM must be at least 32 GB.

Other necessary configurations

A good trading setup requires a powerful storage medium. Therefore, we recommend an SSD hard drive of about 1TB. Regarding graphics cards, opt for one designed for gamers. A powerful graphics card allows you to work on multiple screens at the same time with ease.

The motherboard also plays a key role in the success of your business. This equipment must be compatible with the other components of your device.

Is a trading station necessary ?

A powerful trading station ensures that you get real time information about your activity. A trading station avoids possible slowdowns.

A more comfortable trading station 

Despite the volatility of the markets, you can view dozens of charts at the same time. A powerful trading station also allows you to open dozens of tabs on browsers. 

A powerful station is like a powerful car engine. For a trader who is active all day long, a high quality station provides real comfort.

Other advantages of a trading station

To trade smoothly, a good internet connection is also necessary. With an unstable connection, you risk losing money.

Screens are also essential for trading. Professional traders use up to nine screens. These are mainly used for simultaneous and real-time monitoring of newsflow, charts and technical indicators.

Investing in several screens requires a large budget. To be comfortable, you should have at least two to four screens. In this case, each screen will be used for a specific task, such as news feed, charts and order placements. 

Note that investing in a trading station is not relevant for beginners. If you are inexperienced, consider acquiring a steady income before setting up your own trading station.

Which setup is suitable for each type of trading ?

There are several types of trading in the stock market industry. Each type has its own set-up. But no matter what kind of business you are in, a good setup is essential.


Scalping involves taking positions quickly over a short period of time. Traders can line up several positions in just a few minutes.

This type of trading requires a high level of responsiveness, meaning you need to work on several screens. In addition, the computer used must have a powerful processor and RAM.

Day trading

Day trading is a type of trading that does not require taking multiple positions in one day, but the trader also holds his position for hours. For this type of trading, you can work on two to three screens.

Swing trading

Swing trading is a more long term approach. The trader holds their position for a longer time and can also go for days without opening a new position.

In this case, you will need a setup that includes several tools offered by platforms, such as financial information.  

Trading on M4 with Arya

Large financial institutions now use specific software for their stock market investments, such as Arya trading. 

This Expert Advisor automates your trading by connecting to several brokers simultaneously. With Arya, you can easily trade on MT4.

MT4 works very well on its own, but Arya's automation tools, which include historical data, advice from pros and market analysis, give it an extra boost.. 

What is Arya trading ?

Arya trading is an intelligent algorithm whose role is to trade for you. The creators of the algorithm aim to provide money management, psychology and method-based solutions.

A mobile application that complements the software is also available for download. This app allows you to invest intelligently and removes the need to spend long hours in front of your screen.

How the Arya Application works

In order to take advantage of the app's performance, all you have to do is set your money management rules. After this step, you will be able to press Buy or Sell and let the algorithm do its work.