The salary of the best traders

It is clear that the main purpose of a trader is ideally to earn an attractive salary or profits  and be able to live comfortably as a result. The income of an average trader is relatively known. However, the salaries of the best traders are  the subject of everyone’s fantasies. Let's shed light on this mystery.

How much do professional traders earn?

Let's start by saying that the best traders are a small group. They are usually financial geniuses with an advanced university education. They have conducted brilliant studies and are being spotted by influential investors with their deep skill sets in the universe of the stock market. Once recruited, they trade with astronomical sums and make substantial gains. They are recruited by renowned companies, so their monthly salaries are fixed. These wages tend to grow as traders gain experience and sharpen their trading strategies.

During their first years of service, these traders can earn up to $50,000 a year. For the most experienced of them, they can easily double that sum, to which, sporadically, significant bonuses are added.

Best traders: what are their bonuses?

In addition to the fixed monthly salary, the best traders receive substantial bonuses, which constitute the bulk of their income. Capitalism requires the most experienced and successful traders to be entitled to the most motivating bonuses from the organizations to which they offer their services. The more profits they make, while demonstrating their individual performance, the more their profitability increases. In general, it is estimated that their annual bonuses are in the area  of $250,000. However, these bonuses vary a lot and this is only a general estimate. It is not uncommon for some traders around the world - including in France - to quadruple this sum and they can earn up to 4 million euros each year, or more.

Can we make a living from trading?

For professionals, it is not an issue of concern, considering their largely comfortable income. For novices willing to invest using their accounts, the answer is more nuanced . Of course, we can live on the condition that the initial investment is important. It is estimated that it is necessary to have at least $15,000 to start trading under the best conditions in order to have a good source of income. It is also recommended that you train for a significant amount of time using free sites as well as gaining solid experience in order to maximize your chances.