The benefits of algorithmic trading… No programming skills required

For the vast majority of investors, the value of trading algorithms is no longer debatable. However, when it’s time to integrate these solutions into their investment strategies, many individuals think that all this is not for them and prefer to pass on the opportunity.

Mathematics, technical terms, and complex programming languages…  Little has been done to facilitate the entry of beginners into the closed world of automated trading enthusiasts. 

Long reserved for programming geeks, the arrival of "turnkey" solutions is making trading algorithms increasingly accessible. Beginners no longer need to learn how to code (or decode) sophisticated computer languages. All they need to do is set up solutions that have already been programmed!

Taking advantage of pre-programmed solutions

Unless you really enjoy technology and computers, programming a trading algorithm alone and without any prior skills can drive you up the wall. Entrust this task to professionals to avoid spending precious hours tearing your hair out in front of lines of code.

By using a solution managed by a dedicated technical team, you benefit from software that has been verified by programming experts and tested every day by thousands of users. This kind of solution is far more reliable than homemade code.

However, before you jump in, take the time to get to grips with your new tool. No algorithm, no matter how sophisticated, will be enough to guarantee good performance if you don't master it first. Once this preliminary work has been done, all you have to do is set up your solution to take advantage of the benefits of algorithmic trading.

Hidden technology with visible results

Investors have one simple and understandable need : not to waste time struggling with technology. They want a frictionless user experience to drive their investments.

The goal is no longer to spend days trading, or even to develop your own algorithms. Investors today seek the best possible financial performance in the least amount of time.

Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, focus on trading strategies that have already proven themselves.

It is no coincidence that more and more investors are abandoning their desktop computers to trade on their mobile phones. Why make things complicated when you can make it easy ?

Don't let your image of algorithmic trading and its jargon scare you away. Behind these words lies a much simpler reality that doesn’t require you to write a single line of code.