Stelareum: secure cryptocurrency information

Stelareum is an online platform that offers you the opportunity to learn about cryptocurrency news. Learn more about the features of this site in this article.

There are thousands of different cryptos in circulation, the most famous of which is Bitcoin. The values of these e-currencies all vary and depend on several criteria.

As they’re not governed by a regulatory authority like physical currency, cryptocurrency values can fluctuate or decline rapidly. Thus, investing in this field requires caution. Holders of virtual currencies should stay informed at all times to monitor their investment.  

Stay informed via a reliable platform

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to be sure of the accuracy of information, as there are now many sites owned by speculators who issue inaccurate values. By referring to erroneous data, investors can therefore make a mistake in their choice and lose a lot of money. Stelareum was created to provide investors with reliable and relevant information. This site gives you real-time and accurate information about the value of cryptocurrencies.

Services offered by Stelareum 

Once you invest in cryptocurrencies, you need to keep yourself informed about the status of your virtual assets. In order to do this, it is your responsibility to keep yourself informed about the prices of the electronic currency.

The Stelareum website offers accurate information on quotes in various currencies. These currencies include the euro, the dollar and even bitcoin.

The site seeks to become a platform for tracking transactions. To do this, there is no need to make several clicks. You just need to view the homepage to have access to the information of your earnings. At a glance, you can see the daily evolution of your currencies. The site also gives medium-term information, i.e. by interval of 7 days.

You have access to other information, such as :

  • the number of units of cryptocurrency that are in circulation
  • cryptocurrency trading volume
  • The total capitalization of the cryptocurrency

The default classification chosen by the site is based on this capitalization classification. However, a change of nomenclature is possible. Indeed, you can classify your information according to the criteria mentioned above. The classification will also show the price of the virtual currency compared to the physical currency. The investor will thus be in real time able to evaluate the exact amount of cryptocurrencies and avoid making mistakes on their investments. 

Comprehensive information with Stelareum 

Stelareum is a platform that provides reliable and accurate information about cryptocurrencies. All the necessary data and tools for handling crypto-currencies are on the site. For example, you have the "Record price" tab. This section provides information about the highest price. This one also allows you to track down the crypto-currencies that have the most potential. 

The site also has a "mining profitability calculator". This calculator is very detailed. It takes into consideration the hash power, the cost per KWH or the electricity consumption. The latter provides a reliable estimate that is dependent on the machine in question and the desired cryptocurrency.

There is also a list of the main wallets, usable with systems including IOS, Android, and Linux.

The site also has a full list of decentralized finance projects. Included in this list is the total value locked in each of the cryptocurrencies. The list also includes all DeFi protocols. This way, you can make an estimate of the performance and strength of your cryptocurrency in a single view. All this takes place in a ranking that is constantly updated.

This will provide investors with accurate information with real time updates. This helps to improve the industry and increase the amount of virtual currency. Thanks to this site, accuracy concerns are a thing of the past.