Safemoon Value Guide

Just like bitcoin, Safemoon is proving to be a reliable cryptocurrency. Find out everything there is to know about the value of this cryptocurrency token in this article.

Safemoon is a cryptocurrency token created in March 2021 on a blockchain called Binance Smart Chain. The word "safemoon" refers to the phrase "to the moon" which means "to rise quickly in price". 

This token has seen a quick take-off as it has been held by over a million cryptocurrency users. Celebrity endorsements further enhance its popularity rating. It is now one of the most famous cryptocurrency tokens. 

The security of the token

In an audit conducted in May, the token received a score of 82/100. Thus, no critical issues were found. But apparently, the owners of the project have "control over the tokens funded by the platform's sales fees". A claim that Safemoon commented on by stating that the platform is conducting a fair launch that is governed by a central board. The latter has to comply with existing regulations as well as government legal provisions.

The current price of the token

Recently, a token cost about 2.29 E-6 dollars. This amount varies depending on certain criteria. 

In the second half of the year 2021, this currency also experienced a slight increase, which was not the case before following the crash in mid-May. Note that the market capitalization is currently falling. As a result, the inclusion of this token in the ranking of the best cryptocurrencies is still pending.

The forecasts on the prices of the token

Buying a Safemoon token can be advantageous given the current market conditions. In 2021 and 2022, further price forecasts will be needed to anticipate the adverse effects of the market. This will allow one to correct these effects or not to invest in this cryptocurrency at the time when it is at its lowest.

  • In 2021 :

Based on the 2021 price forecast, Safemoon has been rising rapidly. From April to September, the price rose $ In percentage terms, this means 33.7% to 61.41%.

  • In 2022 :

The 2022 exchange rate will be very high. The e-currency rate will be 0.00 000845 USD in January and will increase in February. The rate of change will reach 98%, or $0.000 008 69. However, during the rest of the year, there is a good chance that the rate will drop. In April, the rate will be at its lowest. It will be 51.9%. In December and November, the price of the token will be around $0.000 007 53. The rate of change will be 71.82%.

Criteria determining Safemoon's value

Supply and demand

Supply and demand helps evaluate the state of this cryptocurrency. When the supply is more than the demand, Safemoon will appeal to less people and its value will be very low. Otherwise, the value of Safemoon will be on the rise.

The competition 

Competition is very tough in the cryptocurrency world, but it is of great use. Indeed, competition determines the fluctuations of virtual currencies. The price of Safemoon therefore depends on the value of its competitors.


Safemoon also depends on its popularity rating. This is because cryptocurrencies need a supportive community to thrive. In particular, this helps attract investors to spread their use.