Prices and investing in the NYSE in 2021

There are more than a hundred stock exchanges in the world, including the New York Stock Exchange. Find out everything you need to know about the NYSE in this comprehensive guide.

There are more than a hundred stock exchanges around the world. Among them is the New York Stock Exchange or "NYSE", one of the best known and most influential. The NYSE is a major player in the world of finance and on the stock market. 

In 2016, the NYSE recorded a market capitalization worth over thirty trillion dollars, a figure that is more than triple that of Euronext. No wonder it is the largest financial market in the world. 

In this guide, you will find all the essential information to help you determine where you stand in your investment prospects.

NYSE Overview

What is the NYSE?

The NYSE is the acronym for the New York Stock Exchange. It is a stock exchange and equity market located in New York City. Most people recognize it whenever the name Wall Street is mentioned. The New York Stock Exchange is also a commonly used name. Wall Street is often confused with the New York Stock Exchange NYSE.

Founded in 1792, more precisely on May 17, the New York Stock Exchange is divided into two categories: the NYSE and the NASDAQ. These two entities are located in Manhattan, New York, on Wall Street. Currently, the New York Stock Exchange is a reference and a barometer of the American economy.

The NYSE has a significant influence on the world economy, as it is the means by which the prices of certain materials are set. These include gold, iron and other metals.

History of the NYSE 

Since its inception, the New York Stock Exchange has gone through some difficulties only to recover quickly. Many major events have marked the history of the NYSE and some have impacted the price of the index. 

Here are the main dates to remember:

  • 1817: Launch of the Wall Street Stock Exchange or NYSE board
  • 1863: renamed the New York Stock Exchange
  • 1914: the First World War caused its first indefinite closure
  • 1929: the world experienced its greatest economic crisis due to the stock market crash triggered by the New York Stock Exchange.
  • 1934: founding of the SEC or Securities and Exchange Commission to regulate and control exchanges and all transactions on the American stock market
  • 1987: The index had a bad day when it saw its lowest value due to the sharp decline in the market. “Black Monday" was the name of the day in which the index fell by an estimated 22%.
  • 1997: The Asian stock market crash impacted the American market, resulting in an estimated 8% loss of the NYSE market
  • 2001: the terrorist attacks of September 11 caused the second closure of the New York Stock Exchange
  • 2006: merger with Euronext on 1 June 
  • 2008: subprime mortgages caused a financial crisis that resulted in a loss of between 4% and 7%.
  • 2012: the third closure of the stock exchange due to hurricane Sandy.
  • 2013: buyout of NYSE Euronext by ICE giant and departure of Euronext from the stock
  • 2015: the stock market experienced its biggest loss due to an unforeseen technical problem. The loss is estimated to be a few million dollars.
  • 2018: market capitalization value registers a record $25 trillion. Stacey Cunningham became the first woman to head the NYSE.

Composition of the NYSE

The New York Stock Exchange is considered a symbol of high finance for several reasons. The company owes this title to the fact that it has the largest market capitalization in the world. 

Compared to other major stock exchanges, the NYSE is by far the largest in all areas. The NYSE has in its possession a value of more than thirty thousand billion dollars. That is ten times the total capitalization of the Paris stock exchange and three times the Euronext. 

More than 2,700 companies are listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Here is the list of the forty most important stocks on the New York Stock Exchange by sector of activity:

  • Agri-food sector: Post Food
  •  Sports and Sporting Goods Sector: Nike - Reebok
  • Insurance Sector: Aegon
  • Automotive sector: Ford - Honda - Toyota
  •  Construction Sector: Caterpilla
  • Distribution Sector: Kohl's-Sysc
  •  Electricity sector: AES Corporation
  • Finance Sector: Blackstone - Bank of America - Citigroup - Equifax - Global Payments - Invesco - MasterCard - US Bancorp - Orix
  • Oil & Gas Sector: Praxair - Total SE
  • Hygiene sector: Colgate - Palmolive - HubSpot
  • Media Sector: Gray Television - Marvel Entertainment
  • Health, Medicine and Medical Biology Sector: LabCorp - Novartis - Siemens - Quest Diagnostics
  •  Business Services Sector: ABM Industries
  • Technology, Computing, Electronics and Communication sector: Nokia - LG Display - Orange - Motorola - IBM - Philips - Sony
  • Transportation Sector: Boeing

The success of the NYSE

The New York stock market is a great success in the financial world because of its huge market capitalization. But it also holds the record in terms of trading volume. The monthly trading volume is estimated at more than fifteen hundred billion dollars. It is normal if the NYSE is in the first place before all the other stock markets. 

The New York Stock Exchange also owes its success to the presence of all categories of investors (individuals, companies, institutional investors...) as well as their numbers. Trading and investment are accessible on the US stock market and are available to both individuals and large investors.

Institutional investors such as banks, insurance companies, finance companies and asset management firms play an important role in the NYSE equity market. 

Is it the right time to invest in the NYSE ?

How the New York Stock Exchange works

Companies that place their capital on the stock exchange and are listed on the stock exchange have one and the same objective: to grow and make a profit. To achieve this, they issue shares in the form of securities to increase their value. 

Shares are tradable, meaning they can be bought or sold or traded. An efficient management system allows NYSE to ensure the availability of liquids for trading.

To invest and trade on the New York stock market, the NYSE is open Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. and closes at 10 p.m. Listed stocks are updated every fifteen seconds on the NYSE. The updates are determined by the behaviour and development of the American and world markets.

The various factors influencing the NYSE price 

Like all stock market indices, the NYSE price is determined by reference to the average of the values of all the stocks that make up the index. Several factors are important in determining the NYSE price:

  • The US dollar rate

The US dollar is the main currency of exchange on the stock exchange and on the world economic markets. The import and export of raw materials, finished and semi-finished products as well as the provision of services abroad are generally conducted in US dollars.

The value of the NYSE index is generally bullish due to the strength of the US currency. In addition, NYSE-listed companies based in the US operate in many key sectors of the global commodities market.

  •  The US economy 

For more than a century, the U.S. economy has experienced strong economic growth. This has had a strong impact on the NYSE's share price.

  •  Regulations and news from the US market 

New rules governing the U.S. economy can also impact the price of the index. Changes, modifications and developments in the rules also influence the value of the index.

  • Stocks that make up the index 

New companies join the NYSE because the price is determined by the results achieved by each company that makes up the NYSE.

  • News and economic and geopolitical contexts 

Economic crises in the world as well as geopolitical conflicts indirectly influence the NYSE share price. All these events can slow down the development of companies listed on the NYSE.

How can you invest in the NYSE ?

Investing in the NYSE offers many advantages. In order to invest in the NYSE, it is important to be aware of the opportunities that may arise. It is also advisable to be aware of the NYSE price. To invest, there are several choices:

  • Investing directly in the capital of companies by buying or selling securities and shares.
  • Trading on the best stock brokerage sites. These offer many solutions adapted for individuals, professionals and companies.

The advantages of trading on the NYSE

Investing in the NYSE presents a great opportunity due to the stability of the US economy and the performance of the companies that make up the index. 

Here are some reasons to invest

  • NYSE is a world leader in the stock market, which provides an additional guarantee
  • A successful index: the experience and reasons for the existence of the NYSE make it an index with know-how and competence
  • Ever-increasing trading volume: the index attracts a wide range of investors
  • The index holds the largest number of listed companies: over 2,700 companies
  • A wide range of services offering real opportunities for investing and trading.

How can you follow the New York Stock Exchange stock price ?

Many trading sites offer different types of services to follow the price of NYSE shares and its index. Currently, it is possible to know in real time the value of each stock every 15 seconds. 

Here are some names of sites where the NYSE price can be followed in real time:

  • Google finances
  • Yahoo finance
  • Trading platforms and stock brokers like etoro or avatrade 

The future of the NYSE index 

The impact of the health crisis caused by the spread of the coronavirus or Covid-19 is palpable in all areas. The main stock markets and the companies included in the index have also suffered. 

At the beginning of the health crisis, global economic activities experienced a huge slowdown. This also caused a drop in the NYSE index. However, the forecast is quite favorable in the next two years. The vaccination campaign is currently having a positive influence on the stock price.


The NYSE or New York Stock Exchange is the best and most significant stock exchange in the world. Investing in this index or in the stocks that make it up can be a great opportunity to diversify your portfolio. 

All sectors of activity are represented in the index and it includes the most important companies in the world. Nevertheless, it is important to follow the US and world economic and stock market news, and geopolitical tensions, as economic, financial, political and health crises can lead to losses and falls in the index.

Frequently asked questions

What exactly is the NYSE ?

The NYSE or New York Stock Exchange is an American stock exchange located on New York's Wall Street. It is the largest and most influential stock exchange in the world. The group also serves as a barometer of the American economy.

How can you invest in the NYSE ?

There are two ways to invest in the NYSE index:

  • By participating in the capital of the companies that make up the index 
  • By trading on an online stock brokerage site.

How to determine the NYSE index ?

The NYSE index is calculated based on the average market capitalization of each stock that makes up the index. The NYSE index price can be followed in real time online on a website specialized in finance (such as Google Finance or Yahoo Finance) or on a stock market brokerage website (such as etoro or avatrade).