Philip Morris stock

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Philip Morris is more than a famous brand of cigarettes: it is a subsidiary of the renowned Altria. The headquarters of the American company are located in New York. All operations are carried out in the company's offices in Lausanne, Switzerland. 

The company deserves its reputation, as its cigarettes are distributed in more than 150 countries. Its sales figures are constantly growing. Between 2013 and 2019, recorded sales grew by more than 650 billion. In 2013, 35 billion cigarettes were sold against 706.7 billion in 2019.

History of Philip Morris International

The beginnings of the world-renowned Philip Morris company were very modest. Philip Morris, a simple tobacco importer, decided to take the plunge in 1847 by opening his first store in London. Upon his death in 1873, his family took over the reins with the aim of growing the business. 

In 1902, a major breakthrough propelled the company into the upper echelons. Cigarettes signed by Philip Morris made their debut for export to the United States. At the same time, the company Morris & Co was officially created. This same company was responsible for the launch and success of Marlboro in 1924.

Today, the company still holds its reputation. The quality of its products remains unmatched, despite the presence of many new competitors on the market. The company is the owner of the most famous cigarette brands to date.

Philip Morris' business lines 

Philip Morris focuses on a single activity: the production of tobacco and tobacco products. To meet consumer demand, Phillip Morris has 38 production sites around the world. 

Philip Morris' business model

The Philip Morris company's model is based entirely on its core business. Manufacture and sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products account for all of the company's revenues. So far, the company has not considered diversifying its activities. Even with a single focus, Philip Morris amasses large and consistent profits. 

Philip Morris owns various well-known cigarette brands, such as Marlboro, L&M, and Bond Street. Its products are sold in several countries, providing the company with a stable and sustainable business. Philip Morris offers different product lines to satisfy all categories of consumers. 

Introduction and listing of Philip Morris on the stock exchange 

When Philip Morris went public, its stock was worth $50. Today, it is worth $97.9. Prices have therefore almost doubled since Philip Morris' IPO in 2008. 

To give you an idea of the value of Philip Morris stock, its P/E was 13.34 in 2020 and is 16.1 in 2021.

Philip Morris trading information :

  • Isin code : US7181721090 
  • Market : New York
  • Share price on June 02, 2021 : 96.81 USD

Factors influencing Philip Morris' share price  

Philip Morris’ good reputation is one of the main reasons for the stability of its stock value, enabling it to stay ahead of new and historic competitors.

The brand's global presence allows it to generate profits all over the world. Philip Morris distributes leading cigarette brands in every country. The group has a customer base that consumes its products daily. Nothing seems to pose a threat to Philip Morris at this time, enabling investors to remain confident in the stability of the company's shares.