Pfizer stock

Pfizer is an interesting option for investors. Thinking about investing in Pfizer stock? Here’s some information that may be useful to you.

Pfizer is among the top 10 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world in terms of revenue. It is also ranked 10th in innovation by the strategy consulting firm Boston Consulting Group. 

Analysts predict that Pfizer could earn billions of dollars from its Covid-19 vaccine research. The group's massive investment in drug research and development also shows its confidence in the future.

Read on to find relevant information about Pfizer before making an investment decision. 

History of Pfizer 

Pfizer was founded in 1849 in New York by chemist Charles Pfizer and his cousin, confectioner Charles Erhart. Their first research focused on santonin, a deworming product with a bitter taste that they softened by coating it with hazelnuts.  

In the early 1900s, Pfizer produced citric acid. Citric acid was widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. In 1945, the company became the world's leading producer of penicillin. In 1960, Pfizer became the first manufacturer of oral polio vaccine

Since 2000, the group has actively acquired other companies: 

  • 2002 : acquisition of the Swedish pharmaceutical company Pharmacia. 
  • 2009 : acquisition of the American giant Wyeth for 68 billion dollars. 
  • 2014 : acquisition of 2 vaccines from Baxter at $635 million. 
  • 2015 : acquisition of the pharmaceutical and medical device company Hospira. 
  • 2016
  • Acquisition of Anacor, a company specialized in the treatment of eczema, 
  • acquisition of Bamboo Therapeutics, a gene therapy specialist 
  • acquisition of Medivation, a biotechnology start-up specializing in cancer treatments.
  • 2019: acquisition of Array Biopharma. 


Pfizer's business lines 

This American pharmaceutical group has made a mark on the history of human medicine. During the Second World War, the group proved its status as a giant in terms of antibiotic production. As a reminder, at that time, the need for treatment against infections was considerable. 

Pfizer is also the inventor of Viagra. The company has developed a vaccine for COVID-19, a disease that has had considerable worldwide impact. 

Its activity is focused on research and production of medical solutions that include vaccines, drugs and medical devices. It also has a branch that deals with veterinary medicine. 

Pfizer stock data 

  • Isin code : US7170811035
  • Date of IPO : 1942 
  • Share value in April 2021: $38.57 
  • Capitalization : $215,149,787,562 
  • Percentage of free float : 59
  • 2020 revenues : $41.90 billion  

Factors that can influence Pfizer's share price 

Partnerships, acquisitions and mergers with other companies are among the operations designed to strengthen the group. These are therefore factors to be taken into account for a possible upward trend in the share. 

You should need to keep an eye on Pfizer's research into new treatments. To do this, keep track of up-to-date information about research progress. Successful results are positive indicators for the company's growth and, by extension, its stock value. 

Global health needs are also important indicators for pharmaceutical groups. There are one-off and urgent needs, such as the coronavirus. There are needs spread out over time, such as the increase in healthcare spending due to an aging population.

Like all other industries, the pharmaceutical sector is impacted by economic, social and political conditions