Medtronic share prices on the stock exchange - live quotes and prices

Thinking about investing in Medtronic stock? Take a look at this guide to find out useful information about the stock, such as influencing factors, historical price, advantages and disadvantages.

Medtronic is a company specializing in the design, manufacture and sale of medical devices and equipment. It is one of the world leaders in the sector.  Its main activities are focused on the sale of devices for the control of cardiac rhythm, treatment of cardiovascular, neurological and spinal diseases and many others. Medtronic stock is currently listed on the Main Market in the United States. 

If you're interested in this asset, this guide will give you the basics about Medtronic's business as well as some analysis of the pros and cons of this stock.

History of Medtronic

In 1940, Earl Bakken and his brother-in-law Palmer Hermund Lie joined forces to create a medical device repair shop in a garage. A few years later, they discovered in a magazine the plans for an electric metronome. From this discovery came the brilliant idea of developing a device capable of delivering an electrical impulse at a regular rhythm. This invention would be used to fight against cardiac arrhythmia problems. This is where Medtronic was born in 1949.

Today, Medtronic is a major player in the manufacture of medical devices. The company's revenues are generated by :

  • The provision of medical devices and treatment solutions to individuals suffering from more than 30 chronic diseases, caregivers and other healthcare professionals. It currently has more than 460 sites in 155 countries.
  • The provision of medical and hospital solutions to healthcare facilities located in Europe. It has expanded this segment since it acquired Italian hospital services company NGC Medical in 2014.
  • Providing healthcare data management and reporting software that can improve clinical outcomes analysis and contain operating costs for healthcare facilities.

Medtronic's success lies primarily in the broad range of products and medical solutions it offers. In addition, the company works continually to improve its products.

Medtronic shares on the stock exchange

Medtronic stock is currently listed on the NYSE Main Market. It is included in the calculation of the SP100 stock index. Its value has experienced significant volatility over the past 10 years. The most significant losses were recorded between August 2008 and March 2009, when Medtronic's share value fell from $56.5 to $28.58. 

But since then, there has been an upward trend that reached an all-time high of $88.34 in 2016. The following year, Medtronic's market capitalization reached MSUD 114,363.50. This makes it one of the 100 largest market capitalization companies in the United States. 

Advantages and disadvantages of Medtronic stock

Before you invest in Medtronic stock, here's a brief overview of its pros and cons. 

Factors that can lead to an increase in stock prices include :

  • Medtronic has a very good reputation worldwide. This is partly due to the quality of the products it offers and its constant search for innovation.
  • Medtronic operates a strong and reliable supply chain. The company works with strong and loyal partners, which allows Medtronic to respond quickly to increased demand for its products.
  • Medtronic adopts a strategy of economy of scale, which allows it to limit production costs, to reach a larger customer base and thus to build financial solidity.

Disadvantages include :

  • Although Medtronic's financial position is currently very good, fluctuations in performance that have been observed in recent years do not indicate whether the company will make a profit or loss in the near future.
  • Problems with its partners may recur, which would negatively impact its profitability. 
  • A significant fluctuation in exchange rates can have a direct impact on Medtronic's profitability, as a large part of its revenue comes from exports.