Lynx Broker review : is Lynx the best broker to trade shares ?

Our review of Lynx Broker to help investors better understand the benefits of trading shares via this platform.

Originally specialized in Forex and CFDs, Lynx broker has been in operation since 2006. It was founded in the Netherlands, but currently extends throughout Europe. Moreover, it also offers access to the American, Asian, Pacific and African markets, i.e. international opportunities. This online broker is distinguished by its impressive diversity of assets.

This is mainly due to the fact that it is a "remisier" broker of the American giant Interactive Brokers which is based in the United Kingdom and only accessible with an initial deposit of €100,000. Lynx broker, on the other hand, is accessible from 3000 €, allowing you to take advantage of a much more affordable entry ticket, while offering a catalog of financial instruments of first choice. 

Lynx broker review : security and regulations

Lynx broker is regulated in the Netherlands by the AFM (Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets), which supervises all players in the field of savings, loans, insurance, investments and banks. 

The broker is also regulated by the DNB (Dutch Central Bank), which is established at the heart of the European System of Central Banks. This authority determines and implements the monetary policy of the Netherlands. It also supervises all financial institutions in the country.

On the other hand, being an "introducing" broker of Interactive Broker which is based in the United Kingdom, Lynx broker is also regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). The latter is the regulatory body for financial services and markets in the UK. It currently regulates over 59,000 companies in the UK.

This online broker is also regulated by the FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority), which is an independent body operating in the USA for the regulation of securities companies. It is also authorized by the AMF, the French financial markets authority. 

Lynx broker is also authorized by the ACPR (Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution). The latter is an institution that is part of the Bank of France, whose mission is to monitor the activity of financial and insurance players in France.

From this information concerning the authorizations and regulations to which it is subjected, we can conclude that Lynx broker benefits from a high level of security.

Investors' funds are what’s more generously covered up to €85,000, while financial securities are covered up to €500,000. Indeed, an account opened at this broker is in fact opened at Interactive Brokers. Note that the latter is a reputable international broker. Lynx broker distributes its services as an introducing broker.

In order to strengthen the confidence of its clients, Lynx broker also makes it a point of honour to offer high quality customer service. It stands out from its many competitors by the availability of independant and French speaking technical support teams. This means that customer support does not just relay requests, but provides real assistance. In particular, technicians can take remote control of your computer to solve any technical problems related to the platform. 

However, it should be noted that Lynx has no physical presence in France. Indeed, its branch is located in Belgium. The customer service of Lynx broker also wins points, thanks to its many means of contact

  • Phone : +33 09 75 18 73 93
  • chat 
  • email to support@Lynx

In the event of a failure on an investor's account, Lynx broker also offers a trading desk. The latter is a paying service that allows you to place orders directly by phone, for a fee of €30 per transaction. Accessible outside weekends, this is particularly useful if :

  • the account cannot be accessed
  • an order is locked
  • connection to market flows is lost...

Lynx broker review : financial instruments 

Concerning the types of assets offered by this broker, our opinion is positive. Indeed, its offer of financial instruments is particularly wide and varied. In particular, it offers access to many internationally renowned stock exchanges, to invest in a large number of multinationals. 

ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, options, futures, warrants, currency pairs and CFDs indexed on many types of assets are also available. This allows all levels of investors, from beginners to the more experienced, to find the investment products that meet their needs. Novices will be able to limit their risk taking to preserve their savings, while more experienced traders can invest in CFDs and Forex to maximize their gains. 

Depending on strategies, investors can choose between two types of accounts. In particular, at Lynx broker, you can open a cash account with which one you invest in classic financial assets without leverage. It allows you to buy physical shares, bonds, funds and ETFs.

To gain leverage, investors can use a margin account. A margin account is an advanced account that allows you to buy and sell riskier financial instruments, such as currency pairs, futures, CFDs and options.

A large market of shares at Lynx broker

Lynx broker is particularly popular because of its wide range of equity markets. Indeed, it provides access to more than 135 stock exchanges spread over all continents. In particular, you can buy shares of companies listed on the European financial markets, such as Euronext Paris, Euronext Amsterdam, Euronext Brussels, Euronext Lisbon, Xetra, London Stock Exchange or Six Swiss Exchange. 

This platform is also full of shares of companies listed on North American markets, such as the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq in the USA and the Toronto Stock Exchange, as well as the Vancouver Stock Exchange for Canada. The Mexican stock market is also available with the Mexican Stock Exchange. For the Asia/Pacific markets, investors can access the stock markets in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney. There are many other stock markets to diversify the portfolio, with stocks listed on African markets, such as Johannesburg.

In addition, this online broker is one of the few that allows you to trade penny stocks. These are shares that are quoted in pennies. This offers the advantage of being able to buy fractional shares. It also offers over 13,000 ETFs.

Investment funds at Lynx broker

Although mutual funds are not offered by this broker, it allows you to invest in over 21,000 investment funds. These have been selected from the 260 largest fund managers, such as JP Morgan, Amundi, BlackRock, Polar Capital and Franklin Templeton.

In addition, investors can use a tool that allows them to filter funds according to a wide range of criteria. In particular, it is possible to search only for funds focused on industrial and technology sectors, or even to limit oneself to companies with a responsible management policy.

Lynx broker on CFDs and “exotic” assets

In addition to providing a wide choice of traditional financial instruments and a diverse range of derivatives, this broker also gives an important place to CFDs, which enable you to multiply your profits thanks to a leverage effect. It offers 13 CFDs indexed on indices, such as the CAC 40, which includes the 40 best performing French companies. The broker also offers more than 7100 CFDs indexed on shares. The catalogue also includes CFDs of bonds, precious metals and cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Forex traders are not left out of this platform either, as no less than 105 currency pairs are listed. As such, investors can invest in major pairs such as the EUR/USD, as well as many minor and more unusual pairs.

Lynx broker review: fees and commissions

Lynx broker has four main categories of transaction fees. For each transaction, a commission is charged when a position is opened but also when it is closed. This broker is also remunerated by a margin, thanks to a spread, which represents the difference between the price of the asset at purchase and its price at sale.

On the other hand, it should also be noted that Lynx broker also receives interest. Indeed, in the case where the investor trades a security while their account is overdrawn, the online broker offers financing, the cost of which is charged per day. This is a way for the broker to remunerate the funds lent by Interactive broker. On the other hand, additional fees are also applied by the platform for fund withdrawals, and currency conversions.

For stocks, ETFs and mutual funds, Lynx broker's fees are particularly competitive. In particular, for the purchase of a U.S. stock, the scaling fees range from $0.005 to $0.01. Thus, for a volume of 1000 shares purchased in a month, the fees will be only $5. On the other hand, for shares traded on Euronext, the fees are about 0.009% of the purchase price. In addition, orders on ETFs and investment funds are free on Lynx broker.