List of the best trading apps

Which is the best trading application? Take a look at our list of the best trading apps for the pros and cons of eToro, Avatrade and more.

The golden rule in trading is to stay on top of the latest news at all times, but who wants to stay glued to their computer all day long? Fortunately, there are a number of trading apps that allow traders to keep an eye on their investments. This guide details the best ones available today to help you invest smartly and easily.

Choosing the right trading application

Trading applications allow you to start trading easily. However, some precautions are to be taken to avoid losing your capital.

Today, there are several platforms on the market that protect you against the risks of investment losses. However, keep in mind that the financial market is based on speculation, and risk is therefore part of the game. To invest, you have the choice between using independent professional traders (recommended for beginners) or becoming a trader yourself.

Trading applications for all levels

Online trading applications are actually brokers that offer their service online. These brokers have the authority to execute buy or sell orders from their clients. Online trading applications cater for all levels of trading skills.

Remember that trading on the financial market is mainly based on speculation. Of course, there are tools and strategies that can predict how the market will behave. However, traders are never totally safe from bad surprises. Avoid sites which promise you unrealistic results. Reliable online trading applications are those that guide their members towards sound investments. 

The objectives of these applications are to optimize your return on investment and limit the risk of loss as much as possible, without removing it completely.

Online applications also offer you the possibility of being represented by an independent trader or by a licensed broker who is authorized to operate outside the regulated market. This solution is preferable if you are a beginner and want to make a big investment.

The best trading applications

Trading applications are very easy to access and use. But how can you be sure that you will get a good return on your investment? Start by taking a look at these tips: 

  • Choose applications that offer you sufficient data for risk assessment. Many trading applications offer tools to analyze transactions.
  • Choose applications that offer online training. This is crucial if you are a beginner, as it will provide you with the knowledge you need to get started.
  • Choose applications that provide access to expert traders who can clarify your doubts and answer your questions at any time. 
  • Choose applications that offer a demo account that will enable you to get acquainted with the platform and train extensively before investing.

Here are three applications that meet those criteria:

EToro : the best trading app ?

Etoro has the reputation of being the best trading app. eToro is aimed at all trading profiles, from beginners to experienced investors, and does not charge commission fees. Account opening and maintenance are also free of charge. Note however that some transactions are subject to fees, including withdrawals and use of leverage. 

eToro also offers a wide choice of assets to invest in, including stocks and ETFs, cryptos, indices and other products via CFDs.

The application also offers copy trading features, enabling members to exchange trading strategies and novices to copy the portfolio performance of experts. 

A practice account is offered free of charge. Courses are also available to learn the basics of the financial market. Etoro is truly the best trading application for beginners! 

Avatrade : an application for beginner traders 

The Avatrade application offers a support system for novice traders. The latter invites novices to be cautious and avoid rushing. Users set the desired gain and the maximum capital to invest and follow a schedule of daily purchase and resale according to a capital ceiling.

The interface is very intuitive and offers several innovative trading features.

Trading is done entirely through the application. All you need is your mobile phone, a few minutes for registration, and a trading account with at least 100 euros. Good to know: Avatrade offers a comprehensive training course for free. 

This application also offers a virtual simulator. To avoid taking the plunge without knowing the potential risks, you can practice on this demo account. You will be trained in conditions similar to real trading and will better understand how the stock market works.

Of course, there are some transaction fees, but by using AvaProtect traders can recover their losing positions.


Arya app is the first educational social app for investors. This free app is available for iOS and ideal for beginners, as it guides users step by step. Registering allows you to exchange with a large community of beginners or advanced traders. 

In addition, you can share your strategies and receive advice from the trading community and benefit from the support of Arya's coaches to clarify any doubts about the trading process.

The Ayrya platform is run by expert professional traders, and offers a wide range of training courses to help novice traders. Two plans are available:

A Freemium plan offering limited access to app features and 10 market ideas per month.  

A Premium plan offering unlimited app features and access to strategy consulting by an expert trader.

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