Legrand share prices on the stock exchange - Live quotes and prices

The industrial group Legrand is one of the most important French companies operating internationally. The company has been recognized across the world for more than a century and a half. Listed on the Paris stock exchange in 1970, Legrand enjoys a comfortable position in the financial world. 

Investing in Legrand stock seems like a safe move, but is it really a good way to generate profit? A study of the financial health of the group and the behavior of its share on the stock market can help you make the right decisions. On the stock market, one piece of information, good or bad, is enough to completely change the history of a stock. Read our guide to find out more about Legrand stock. 

Introduction to the stock

Legrand is a French industrial group operating in the electricity sector. Its headquarters are located in Limoges, France. The company is present in 90 countries and its products are sold in 180 countries. 

With more than 215,000 product references, diversification has enabled the company to retain and develop a loyal customer base. Here is the history of the Legrand Group since its creation in 1860.

History of the Legrand Group 

The company was founded in 1860 by Frédéric Legrand. It began in a porcelain workshop in Limoges. The participation of Jean Mondot, a Limoges craftsman, as a partner enabled the company to create a boxwood and porcelain switch production plant in 1919. In 1944, the company began to diversify into electrical products and equipment. This change occurred after Jean Verspieren took over the company.

A fire occurred in 1949, forcing the management to focus on the manufacture of electrical installation equipment and materials. The company soon took off again, expanding its product range to include electrical protection and wiring systems.

The company’s international expansion

Legrand began to expand internationally 1966 by moving to Belgium. Four years later, the company was listed on the Paris stock exchange. Further important landmarks include:

  • 1977 : acquisition of Pial
  • 1984 : move into the United States with the acquisition of Pass and Seymour
  • 1989 : acquisition of Bticino - an Italian brand specialized in electrical equipment
  • 1996 : acquisition of Fael, Lumineux, Watt Stopper and MDS
  • 1997 : Acquisition of the American leaders in URA-saft, Ortronics and VDI cabling
  • 2000 : acquisition of Wiremold, Quintela, Tegui and Lorenzi
  • 2005 : Legrand takes over the management of the ICM group and its subsidiaries.
  • 2006 : acquisition of the Chinese brand TCL and the American brand Vantage Controls
  • 2007 : The group continues its growth by acquiring numerous companies: HPM in Australia, Kontaktor in Russia, MACSE in Mexico, UStec in the USA, TCL Wuxi in China, Alpes Technologie in France
  • 2008 : acquisitions continue with HDL in Brazil, Estap in Turkey, Electrak in Great Britain
  • 2010 : Acquisition of Turkish company Inform, Indo Asian Switchgear in India, and Meta System Energy in Italy
  • From 2011 to 2019 : the Legrand Group continues to invest by acquiring companies around the world.

Key figures of the Legrand company

Here is a summary of the Legrand Group in a few figures:

  • Revenues in 2019 : €6,622 billion
  • Market capitalization : 15.6 billion euros
  • Net income in 2019 : 835 million euros
  • Headcount at the end of 2019 : 39,000 employees on five continents
  • Number of subsidiaries : over 100 companies and groups of companies
  • Shareholding 2019 : Norges Bank Investment Management (4.57%), MFS International (3.78%), The Vanguard Group (2.73%), Massachusetts Financial Services (2.42%), Alecta Pension Insurance Mutual (2.32%), OppenheimerFunds (1.47%), BlackRock Fund Advisors (1.37%), Allianz Global Investors (1.13%), First Eagle Investment Management (1.01%), and Amundi Asset Management (0.90%).

What do the figures say about investing in Legrand ?

The company has not escaped the 2020 health crisis unscathed. This was confirmed by the statement of the group's CEO Benoît Coquart at the annual presentation of the accounts, who declared that 2020 was an unprecedented and unpredictable period in the history of Legrand. 

Unprecedented measures have been taken to cope with the crisis and to limit negative fallout. In any case, the group's financial situation reveals a stable health record. Moreover, stock market news is encouraging. Find out more about the group's financial data and the current share price information below.

Group financial data

In order to maintain its activities and course, the group has initiated responsible management in the face of the health crisis. The net result for the year 2020 certainly experienced a slight regression, but is nonetheless reassuring. The decline in reported revenues is around -7.9% compared to 2019. 

The group's financial health is stable, as the cash flow generated represents more than 17% of revenues - a good performance maintained over two consecutive years. As a result, a dividend payment of €1.42 per share, compared with €1.94 in 2019, is planned for 2020.

Stock market news for Legrand stock

The price of a Legrand share observed on April 06, 2021 was €79.72, a decrease of 0.15% compared to the closing price on April 05. This is the first decline recorded in ten days. Since the beginning of 2021, the share price has been stable with more or less significant variation. 2021 forecasts announce a net dividend per share of 1.49 and a net profit per share of 3.15 euros - something to think about.