Is it the right time to invest in gold ?

Should you invest in gold? A safe haven in times of crisis, gold is one of the safest investments.

Gold has always been a major player in the stock market. Its historic rebound in 2020 further enhances its rating. The number of investors wishing to invest their capital in this safe asset is increasing significantly. 

Why is gold a safe haven ?

Gold is known as a safe haven. Even in times of crisis, gold remains the most popular investment. The value of gold rebounds unlike other assets. History shows that the price of gold rises in every difficult period. 

Gold is the safest investment in times of stock market crashes, global recession or hyperinflation. Most of the time, investors who are warned of an impending crisis choose gold to limit their potential losses. 

Unlike other assets, buying gold is accessible to everyone. Individuals need only a few euros to start. 

Although gold does not earn any direct interest, the favourable price trend works to its advantage. 

When should you buy gold ?

To get a return on your gold investment, it is important to choose the right time! Off-peak periods are the best times to inject your capital into gold. When the dollar and the euro are falling in value, gold is at its peak. Its price is currently relatively low. 

During the summer months, the price of gold tends to go down, as consumers are more likely to go on holiday than to invest. 

Note that the wedding season is not a good time to invest in gold, as its price tends to rise. 

To properly analyze the right time to buy gold, you will need to use indicators. Using a guide like AryaTrading is essential. This type of online solution helps you to make your capital profitable by pointing out the best dates to invest it.

How to invest in gold

Buying gold obviously has its risks, but these are very easy to avoid as long as you are well supported.

Here’s some information that will help you get a good return on your investment :

  • Well-known gold coins are preferable
  • Choose reliable sources that have a good reputation in their field. 
  • Beware of sellers and companies that subtract large premiums. Gold coins subject to premiums double in size. 
  • Coins with a high premium are to be avoided as are large buillions. The former will cause you to lose money if the value drops and the latter are difficult to exchange. 

Gold left in the professional system loses 10-15% of its value. Turn to gold bullion instead, which tends not to be sold at a premium. Numismatic coins are for experts, but investing in semi-numismatic coins is very profitable in times of crisis.

Gold investment is now possible via trading, enabling you to benefit from commodity filters and gold analysis. These indicators are often essential to define when to buy gold.

Gold storage fees

Gold is one of the most expensive investments and is very easy to store. Just a few grams are high-value and not very bulky. The safest and most cost-effective way to store gold is in a home safe. To guarantee its safety you need to take out insurance. In case of theft, the insurance will reimburse part of your losses. The cost of your safe is in addition to the cost of your gold. 

It is also possible to keep bullion at the bank or in specialized storage. In addition to the rental of your safe deposit box, you must also pay a security deposit. These fees vary depending on the value stored.

For gold coins, you can choose a sealed bag, ensuring the quality of your coins and keeping them safe. Many investors opt for plastic pouches to store their gold. 

Regardless of the method of storage chosen and the fees involved, the cost of storage always adds to the value of the gold.

If you are planning to invest in gold, it is always worth trusting a specialized platform to support you, such as AryaTrading. The app provides real-time information about gold buying or selling opportunities. Click here to download the application.