Investing your money

Investing your money wisely will ensure a better future. Read this article for tips on how to become a good investor.

The road to wealth and financial independence is first and foremost a matter of balancing your investment and savings processes. So, to invest your money well, understanding the difference between investing and saving is crucial. 

In investing, it's all about making a decision between when to invest and when to put money aside. Read on to find the answers. 

Asking the right questions

To invest your money properly, you need to ask yourself the right questions. It is essential to determine where and how to invest your money. It is also important to be able to estimate the risks involved in investing. Note that you must be able to judge whether the return is sufficiently acceptable in relation to the capital invested and the risks incurred. 

There are many investment ideas that can help you get rich. However, make sure you take a long-term view of things, no matter what type of investment you're considering, such as creating or buying a joint-stock company or acquiring art, gold, stocks, bonds, antiques, cryptocurrencies, or real estate. The goal remains the same : to earn money every year to increase savings so you can invest your money somewhere else.

Investing your money : the basic rules

To become rich, you need to make good investments. However, this requires time, and sometimes even several years. Moreover, the best returns are judged over the long term. However, since we live in a world where the future is uncertain, investing your money always involves risk. 

Here are some rules of thumb from successful investors that can help. These techniques allow you to take advantage of the best investment niches and reduce risk as much as possible.

Adopt the right mindset 

Creating wealth by accumulating assets requires a strategic plan, but most importantly, discipline. The most important thing is to understand that you are your own most important asset. Thus, investing your money requires first and foremost taking care of yourself. 

Also consider automatically deducting your savings from your income to fund your investment account. But don't forget to set up a fund for urgent and special needs. This will prevent you from having to take out new loans or borrow from your friends in case of an unexpected event. 

On the other hand, avoid spending your entire income. It is best to live below your means. Make it a habit to save what's left over after paying the bills. This way, you will always have funds to allocate to your investment and savings accounts. To make this easier, take the time to identify expenses that are really unavoidable.

Plan long term and consistently before investing your money

Keep in mind that short-term success comes only from luck. Wealth, on the other hand, is achieved primarily over time. It requires varied and disciplined investments that are usually based on savings. 

Note that investment accounts, savings and real estate gain value over time. This can only be achieved if you use the right practices. The Prime method of optimizing your savings can help you do this. Keep in mind that the best investments are calculated over at least 15 years, not a few short weeks.

To take advantage of the best investment ideas, it's a good idea to check the consistency of the investment before jumping in. Remember that funds in savings accounts tend to lose value due to annual inflation. Instead of letting your capital decrease, learn how to invest your money consistently. This is reflected in the value of buying stocks when the market is down. At that time, the cost of the stock will be cheaper. So when the market rises, you can make capital gains.

Looking for good advice on how to invest your money

It is essential to limit your investments to areas you understand. To make the right choice, you can call on a financial advisor, a trader or an asset manager. These professionals can offer you products selected from the entire market, having carried out a thorough analysis beforehand. Note that only experts can give you advice that is perfectly suited to your situation and needs.

Diversify your investments to put your money to work

Risks are present in all markets: real estate, the stock market, crypto-currencies, gold and safe havens. Risk factors are omnipresent in the investment environment. To avoid losing your capital and to protect its value, we advise you to opt for various asset classes. In particular, you can protect yourself against devaluations caused by economic cycles. 

Currently, the steady rise of the equity and real estate markets is evident. However, there is no guarantee that this trend will continue in the future. Life insurance euro funds, on the other hand, have been in decline for a number of years. But this market will certainly recover soon. 

Consider investing your money across multiple assets, such as financial securities, bonds, money market funds, real estate and gold. In addition, it is also possible to diversify within a particular asset. For example, by opting for bonds, you can invest your money in several euro funds. At the same time, you can invest in a basket of stocks that vary in sector, country and capitalization size. 

To invest your money in real estate, it is advisable to invest in several real estate investment companies, such as retail, office and residential properties in a variety of locations.

Invest your money regularly over time

Even the most experienced traders do not know the best time to invest their money. The solution is to make regular investments, which will reduce the impact of price fluctuations. 

This strategy is used to smooth out a portfolio of assets. You can thus benefit from an average cost price of the shares, between purchases made in the rising and falling phases of the market curves. This approach is suitable for long-term investments and allows you to reach your objectives more often

Short-term speculation to make immediate capital gains generally tends to force the premature sale of acquired assets. Moreover, because of economic cycles, it is necessary to think about long-term valuation perspectives. This is especially true for stocks, which are more volatile. In any case, it is essential that the capital invested is only the money available. 

Some good practices to invest your money well

  • Define your ability to save on a regular basis and have precautionary savings available.
  • Set an investment objective and define the time horizon and risks. Also, set a limit for the amount. This should not be exceeded, even to replace losses.
  • Find an independent investment advisor who has a good reputation and is recommended by others.
  • Check products, approvals, obligations, documentation before signing and investing your money.
  • Carefully follow economic, geopolitical and financial news before and during the investment.
  • Keep your investment strategy in mind and make regular investments. Be patient and don't look for short-term profitability by playing on the daily fluctuations of the markets.
  • Keep in touch with your financial advisor to regularly check the status of your investments.
  • Diversify your investments to reduce risks: different investments, shares in different countries, economic sectors, and bonds.

The best assets to invest your money in

There are many options available for investing your money in 2021: bankbooks, the stock market, financial assets, real estate, digital currencies... The choice is vast. To make sure you make the right decision, find a financial advisor to help you.

To give you an idea of the most popular sectors, here is a selection of the investments that pay the most.

The stock exchange

This is a very broad field, but one that attracts many people who want to invest their money. The basic principle is to buy shares in order to make capital gains on resale. Investing your money in the stock market in the short term is possible. It allows you to take advantage of the daily price fluctuations. However, it requires trading skills or the advice of a good trader. 

Investing your money in the stock market for the long term is also possible. You will receive dividends. This market is always profitable for investment periods of more than 10 years.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, stock markets have fallen sharply in all sectors. It is therefore the right time to take advantage of low prices to invest your money by buying stocks and benefit from sustainable investment opportunities.

Cryptocurrencies: a promising alternative to invest your money

Since the advent of Bitcoin, hundreds of cryptocurrencies have emerged. As a result, virtual currencies, such as Ethereum and Dash, are currently gaining in capitalization and continuing to rise. 

It is now possible to invest in little-known cryptocurrencies and thus take advantage of reduced costs when buying them. Indeed, while BTC was worth less than $1 in its early days, it is currently worth over $11,000. Moreover, Bitcoin has already demonstrated its strong ability to rise after its past falls. However, while the potential gains are high, the regularization of cryptocurrencies is still in its infancy. 

The covid-19 pandemic has prompted central banks to accelerate the development of their cryptocurrencies. One reason for this is the adoption of a more flexible policy by financial institutions. The latter offer zero rates and shorten the time of issuing banknotes, generating a strong monetary devaluation. All this clearly indicates the weaknesses of the financial system. In conclusion, digital currencies can look forward to a bright future.


The currency market is very volatile and is best suited for those who want to invest their money in the short term. Gains can be very large, as trading allows for leverage. Currently, the most popular currency pair is the EUR/USD. However, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and other currency pairs also offer good returns. The principle is similar to that of the stock market, since it consists of buying at a lower price to expect profits on resale.

Gold : a safe haven for investing your money

Gold remains a safe haven in times of crisis. Experts have noted a strong strengthening of its price since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic. The value of gold remains unshaken despite the current financial/economic turmoil. Investing your money in gold to hedge your other investments is therefore a wise choice. 

It should be noted that this precious metal systematically displays an opposite correlation to other markets. You can buy physical gold in bars, but also in the form of ETFs and futures contracts. Moreover, gold is currently available for short-term trading with CFDs. 

Other assets to invest your money in 2021

To benefit from profitable investments, certain assets are also to be favoured. However, these investments are so popular that their prices often give way to collective panic. 

It is essential to consult a specialist adviser to make the most of the funds invested and the specific characteristics of the target market. In particular, it is possible to invest your money and hope for generous capital gains with:

  • Oil - for long term trading, average monthly return of 10%
  • Real estate - especially for large long-term investments. Good resistance to crises. Average annual return of 7%
  • Wine - complementary alternative for long-term investment, with easy storage in online cellars. Average annual return from 1% to 4%
  • Private equity - long-term investments in small, unlisted companies, such as start-ups. Requires significant capital, analytical ability and experience, but offers an average annual return of 10%
  • ETFs and investment funds - baskets of shares ideal for short-term speculation. This type of investment is suitable for small and large amounts of money, as well as for all investors, both beginners and experienced. However, a high degree of diversification is required to secure the funds invested.

There are many investment options available in 2021 that enable you to expect a good return. But the choice of strategy is the most important. Diversification of investment is a prudent option that pays off. You should also consider starting your investments as early as possible. Finally, you should make regular investments and stay informed in order to anticipate market shifts.