How to trade online with ARYA solutions?

Trading has become the number one way to invest in the financial markets. Find out how it all works!

An online trader is a person who speculates on financial assets or on the stock market via a trading platform. These platforms are software interfaces offered by brokers. A mere deposit of money, constituting investment capital, is enough to become a trader.


Forex brokers trading platforms often offer free trainings to investors, both beginners, and or experienced. They offer:

– written courses that focus on the basics of online trading and various explanations relating to different assets and technical terms;

– videos that explain technical analysis, how to use a trading platform and the most impactful strategies;

– interactive webinars (online courses) to trade like a real professional through explanations unveiled by senior investors.

You also have the opportunity to follow a personalized training with the help of a professional.

You can also test your theoretical knowledge through the opening of a demo account, unlimited and free. It allows you to test various strategies without affecting your capital.

Arya Solution

This is a trading algorithm whose goal is to help individual traders make decisions to limit risk. Arya trains, accompanies, and follows the progress of all traders, beginners or experienced, to help them obtain a successful trading experience. Arya is also a 100% online trading training platform, it is a community of traders that share useful information, tips, and progress together. They also conduct a global trading competition.

Speculating on Stocks

Stocks are becoming more popular. Through platforms, you access global stock exchanges, such as the Euronext market. The shares thus accessible come from the constitution of the main stock market indices: CAC 40 or Dow Jones. To trade online stocks, you have to constantly be aware of stock market and economic news, be able to understand the behavior of other investors, and opt for a good broker, secure and approved. The buying and selling of shares on the stock market is possible through the use of a traditional investment account that allows the trader to receive dividends and possibly benefit from a capital gain on trades.

Being a Trader on a Foreign Exchange Market

To be a trader on any Forex, or foreign exchange market, means speculating on exchange rates of various currencies. This way of trading online is very popular because of the volatility of exchange rates. In addition, Forex trading allows the development of very specific strategies that are based on the economic calendar or on interest rates.