All about Ethereum

You want to buy ethereum? Here is a full article to understand how this crypto works.

Ethereum occupies second place in the ranking of the most well-known cryptocurrencies of the moment. This virtual currency is perfect for both investing and trading. Available from the majority of cryptocurrency trading platforms, Ethereum is an excellent option for diversifying your wealth. 

What is Ethereum (ETH)

Commonly known as ETH, Ethereum is a widely used and traded virtual currency. Its price (2,090.62 euros) is the highest behind that of Bitcoin. Ethereum is thus a cryptocurrency of interest. 

The difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum 

Among the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Apart from their creation dates, there are several points that differentiate these two virtual currencies. Indeed, they have very different aims. 

The main objective of Bitcoin is to become a virtual investment currency and secondarily an international currency for all commercial exchanges. For its part, Ethereum wants to revolutionize the field of smart contracts. These are cryptocurrencies that operate in a completely decentralized manner. 

To ensure market stability, Bitcoin has a cap on the number of tokens that can be created and sent to the market. Thus, the number of Bitcoin in circulation rarely exceeds 21 million. For Ethereum, on the other hand, there is no such limit. Mining can continue indefinitely.  

Ethereum: how does it work? 

While some traditional transactions made with Ethereum also rely on the blockchain, others are a bit more complex. As a reminder, this cryptocurrency aims to improve transactions through Smart Contracts or automatic installment contracts, requiring you to go through a specialized application. 

In any case, no transaction is directly made from one user to another. One must always wait for the blockchains and the network to allow the passage of tokens. Only in this way can the virtual currency continue its journey. 

The history of this cryptocurrency 

Ethereum was created in July 2015 and is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies. Today, it comes in second place in the global ranking of virtual investment currencies. 

Ethereum is mainly known for its low transaction fees. The level of Gas that this cryptocurrency uses for each of its transactions also contributes to its notoriety. It appears that Ethereum transactions require more energy from the machines. Experts are in the process of remedying this issue. 

Ethereum 2.0

Aiming to be innovative at all costs, the version of Ethereum is renewed regularly. Indeed, update systems are now available. 

In recent months, those in the know have been touting Ethereum 2.0. Apparently, since 2020, the cryptocurrency is evolving and becoming even more appealing. 

What is Ethereum 2.0? 

By definition, Ethereum 2.0 is the lighter and therefore more environmentally friendly version of the original version of this cryptocurrency. The processes required to exchange ETH were very energy-intensive. To avoid negative environmental fallout, an upgrade was implemented. 

With Ethereum 2.0, experts want to reduce the energy consumption of the currency by 99%. They have based this on the use of the Proof-of-Stake system to achieve this. To be more direct, Ethereum seems to be increasingly modeling itself on Bitcoin. 

The advantages of Ethereum 2.0 

This change will offer many benefits. For example, users will save time in carrying out transactions. On average, with Ethereum 2.0, the energy needed for a transaction will be equivalent to the energy used by television over 20 minutes. This is a far cry from the original system's consumption of about 62 kWh per transaction.

This change will also impact the fees for transactions made with Ethereum, a boon for those who plan to trade it. 

The only catch is that this change is slow. The migration began in late 2020, but you'll have to wait until 2022 to take advantage of this update.

ERC-20 tokens

It is possible to mine Ethereum to create ERC-20 tokens. How does it work exactly? 

What are ERC-20 tokens? 

ERC20 tokens are Ethereum tokens. ERC literally stands for Ethereum Request for Comment, i.e smart mining of Ethereum tokens on a specific network related to the cryptocurrency. 

ERC-20 is better known in the field of participatory financing than in traditional investments for individuals. Regardless, Ethereum remains an interesting investment for both diversification and income. 

Disadvantages of ERC-20 tokens 

ERC-20 benefits from all the advantages of Ethereum. Indeed, the tokens work on the same blockchain system. The blocks are, however, generally slower due to the high number of tokens injected into the market.

Also note that the new ERC-20 tokens are more complicated to manage. They struggle to follow the same transaction path and can get lost along the way. Careful monitoring of the transaction is required to ensure security. In addition, for new tokens, theft and hacking are common. Unfortunately, there is not enough encryption, a risk that must be taken into consideration. 

If you invest in ERC-20, you will have a hard time exchanging it even for another virtual currency. The procedures are complicated and time consuming on most trading sites.  

How do you create ERC-20 tokens? 

While ERC-20 is a variant of Ethereum, the mining is a little different. You'll need to have a special wallet to store the new tokens and go through a tool called an Ethereum contract generator. 

The Ethereum contract generator will present you with the codes to mine. As for the rest, the steps are identical to those used in mining. You will have to solve the equations to earn the tokens in the right way. 

How does the price of ethereum work?

The calculation of transaction fees varies according to the amount of "gas" needed to complete an action. Note that you can determine this quantity personally before carrying out your transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

What future for Ethereum? 

Experts are confident about the future of Ethereum. The community of this cryptocurrency is constantly evolving. Indeed, Ethereum is increasingly used for trading. Moreover, the majority of sites specializing in this area offer it.

Where to buy Ethereum ?

Find an online trading platform 

To buy Ethereum, the best solution is to register on online trading platforms. There are several on the market. However, it should be noted that the first site that comes along is not necessarily the right one.

To find the ideal Ethereum trading platform, you need to compare both the ease of access and usability of the sites. Fees and speed of transactions are also important criteria. 

Click here for the best platforms currently available on the market.

Create an Ethereum wallet 

Buying Ethereum requires you to open a wallet specifically dedicated to this cryptocurrency. This wallet will allow you to store and exchange virtual currencies as you see fit. 

Deposit funds into your account 

Once you have found your trading platform and opened your account, you must deposit money into it. This is when you will be charged a fee. Also note that you need to add money to your account to trade. You can choose to pay in cash or by wire transfer. 

Buy Ethereum 

Your platform may offer you different cryptocurrencies to buy. If you're only interested in Ethereum, do some specific research along those lines to save time. Choose the wallet you are interested in and buy it. 

Set up your investment portfolio 

Before validating your purchase of Ethereum, you must set up your investment portfolio. The goal is to limit the losses or to use investment leverage in order to boost your gains. 

Ethereum wallets

Ethereum is also a great investment. It can be kept for years, just like Bitcoin. But to do so, you will need Ethereum wallets. 

Virtual or physical wallet? 

To invest in Ethereum, you have the choice between a virtual wallet and a physical wallet. In terms of price, physical wallets are generally more interesting. But for convenience, we prefer virtual wallets. It's all a matter of taste. 

What is an ethereum wallet? 

The Ethereum wallet is simply the stock wallet in which you will keep your tokens, a security system for your investments. 

How to choose your Ethereum wallet? 

On the market, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to wallets. There are a few things to compare to help you make the right choice. Consider comparing fees, ease of use and features. 

Nowadays, investing in cryptocurrency is essential if you want to grow your money. And Ethereum is one of the best! However, don’t jump into this type of investment without careful consideration.