Copy trading on Binance is now possible with Diabolo!

Copy trading on Binance allows you to replicate other traders' strategies and optimize your performance through Diabolo.

Cryptocurrency trading is a very lucrative business, but one that requires a lot of skill. This type of investment requires extensive knowledge of the fundamentals of virtual currencies. It also requires learning how to use cryptocurrency platforms. 

For beginners and crypto traders who have little time to follow the markets, more and more platforms are offering copy trading. Such is the case with Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency platform. This site, which currently has over 35 million users, offers the Diabolo copy-trading service. 

What is copy trading ?

Copy trading is a technique that facilitates decision making on the platforms of many online brokers. Because of the growth of trading, Binance also wants its users to benefit from it. 

Why copy trade on Binance ?

Virtual currency market trends are unpredictable and subject to daily fluctuations. In this sense, the Binance copy trade is very useful. It allows you to identify the best profit opportunities and avoid losses. It is therefore necessary to combine competence, regular monitoring and analytical skills. However, it is difficult to do this continuously. Copy trading is the solution! 

This technique enables automatic trading by duplicating the strategy of the best investors. The latter have the necessary knowledge and skills. In addition, they use the latest technology and outstanding analysis tools. These experts also take advantage of their network of experienced traders to refine their analysis. Copy trading saves novices from being glued to charts and financial news. 

This technique is based on software that analyzes all traders' performances to identify the highest ones. The tool then provides a ranking of investors according to their performance.

The many advantages of Binance copy trading

Copy traders select the best investors and automatically duplicate strategies to enhance their own funds. As well as giving you more free time, Binance copy trade will also help you learn faster. 

Moreover, this solution also allows you to make money even while you sleep. Once the tool is launched, you do not need to be continuously connected to your account. In fact, all operations are performed automatically.

How to copy trade on Binance

The Binance platform does not offer a native service for copy trading. For this reason, it allows users to use the Diabolo project. 

Diabolo : the solution to copy trading on Binance

Diabolo is one of the most powerful tools to automatically optimize crypto trading performance. It is based on the tokenization of copy trading through the DCASH token. This means that it is perfectly compatible with all blockchain projects and is simple and transparent to use. Diabolo makes it possible to integrate third party exchange platforms, such as Binance. The Binance copy trade service based on Diabolo allows you to automatically duplicate the positions of other crypto investors to automatically trade virtual currencies. Simply choose the traders you want to copy.

Steps to start copy trading on Binance 

Diabolo is an external Binance copy trade service. It is therefore necessary to go through a few steps in order to use it correctly with your Binance account.

The first thing you need to do is to synchronize your Diabolo account with your Binance account, using an API key. Then select the traders whose strategies you want to replicate, and set the capital you want to use for the Binance copy trade. You can also define the duration for which the service is activated. After that, all you have to do is launch the tool. Your earnings will be sent directly to your account in the form of BTC or USDT.