Can you make money with trading robots ?

Trading bots help you improve your strategy by analyzing market fluctuations. The ideal software for those new to trading!

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the world of trading through robots, also known as bot trading. This currently underused automated software performs stock market transactions (purchases and sales) for you and is increasingly appreciated by many traders. Read this article to find out everything you need to know about bot trading! 

Bot trading : your new best friend

Are you new to trading ? Make bot trading your new best friend. This software can process up to 7,000 orders and is easy to use thanks to algorithms that manage transactions for you. 

It doesn't require extensive computer knowledge to use, as all you have to do is follow instructions.

Robot trading is certainly a great asset for beginners, but professionals also use it to trade automatically.

How does bot trading work ?

How it works

This sort of tool is very easy to use. As a reminder, it is based on computer programs known as algorithms that allow it to identify buy and sell signals. The bot then places an order (sell or buy) at the appropriate time.

Its behavior is similar to that of a professional trader, but the only difference is that it is tireless. Robots don’t need breaks to eat or to drink and can therefore stay informed at all times.

Area of intervention

Each trading bot is designed to adapt to a specific stock market. Bots are equipped with specific programs, for example to analyze fluctuations.

The most widespread robots are designed for the following markets:

  • Forex 
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Stocks

Note that some creators also offer bots trading for stock indexes such as the DAX 30 or CAC 40. These automatic traders allow you to take advantage of a leverage effect, or to speculate on rises or falls.

Pros and cons of robot trading


Bot trading has already proven to be successful for some traders (especially beginners), as it enables them to save time, perform better, become faster and more independant, and value assets.

These advantages are especially beneficial to traders who have chosen the right trading robot for their needs and project.


Despite the advantages of bot trading, its has some disadvantages, such as :

  • High risk of scams
  • Capital loss
  • Possible errors on the market evolution
  • Fluidity problems
  • The volatility of the stock market

The best way to avoid risk is to choose your trading robot carefully. Cost is not the only criteria to consider: you should also consider security and adjustability. The more you can customize your bot, the better it will meet your needs.

How much can you earn with a trading bot ?

It is quite possible to make money with trading bots. Nevertheless, investing with robots also involves risks. So don't believe in a 100% accuracy rate.

Our advice is the same as for trading in general :

  • Try to find out as much as much as possible before investing, even if the robot automatically carries out the buy and sell orders
  • Take in as much stock market information as possible, especially about what can make market trends go down or up

How to use bot trading

Let’s take the example of Bitcoin Trader, the leader in the robot trading market.

Step 1 : go to the bot trading site

Go to the Bitcoin trader website. This bots claims to be able to optimize your liabilities by taking advantage of the best opportunities. The site promises an accuracy rate of 60%.

Do not rely on this percentage exactly, because it’s not the only thing that profit depends on. It also depends on your programming, hence the importance of properly configuring your trading robot.

Step 2 : create an account

The bot will ask you to fill out a form with

  • Your surname and first name
  • Your password 
  • Your place of residence 
  • Your contact

Step 3 : Deposit funds

Now it's time to fund your account. Start with the minimum amount required by the trading bot to limit your risk.

Step 4 : Give the robot a free hand

Activate live trading to allow the robot to do what it does best.