What are the best options when it comes to bot trading ?

Take a look at the most successful trading robots of the moment and choose the one that’s right for you.

On the stock markets, individuals and professionals are increasingly using new technologies. In order to achieve long-term success in trading, the use of a trading robot is now necessary.

As human beings, we are not infallible. In a competitive environment like the financial markets, it is vital that we accept the help of technology and trading robots to support our performance. However, not all trading robots are created equal. While some are true assistants, others are downright dangerous.

Which trading robot to choose according to your profile ? Should you opt for 100% automatic or should you prefer semi-automatic ? How much should I invest to get access to the best trading robots ? 

Here are 3 keys to choosing the best trading robot according to your investor profile.

Automatic trading or semi-automatic trading ?

While the proponents of manual trading are slowly coming to terms with the fact that they are gradually automating their operations, the debate between proponents of 100% automatic trading and proponents of semi-automatic trading continues. In the early 2000s, retail traders gradually began to use automatic trading solutions to catch up with institutional traders.  The problem was that most of these people turned to fully automated trading algorithms that they did not fully understand. By entrusting the management of their trading accounts to veritable "black boxes" whose workings were foreign to them, these novice traders sometimes lost large sums of money, and then turned away from trading robots without ever really understanding the causes of their underperformance. At the same time, however, financial professionals continued to automate their trading with much more convincing financial results.

So how did the professional traders do so well when so many individuals went straight to the wall?  The answer is more obvious than one might imagine... The professionals simply refused to accept 100% automatic trading in favor of semi-automatic trading. Where retail traders accepted to let go of the control of their algorithms, professionals have taken care to keep control of them. 

Some tasks particularly suited to the strengths of machine trading have been handed over to them, while other tasks more suited to the strengths of the human mind have remained manual. With the success of semi-automatic trading among professionals, this practice is now gaining ground among retail traders. 

Between manual trading, automatic trading, and semi-automatic trading, it is better to choose the latter option by choosing a semi-automatic trading robot.  

Free robot or paid robot ?

While there are many trading robots available online, very few are capable of generating a positive return on investment over the long term. Rather than choosing the first trading robot that comes along, find out more and trust a robot that has already proven itself. Although free trading robots may look attractive on paper, avoid being naive. Developing a successful trading robot requires significant human, technical and financial resources. Therefore, there is little chance that a free trading robot will be able to generate good performance other than by chance.

If you like computer programming, you can of course try to develop your own technical solution, but if this is your ambition, don't forget that beyond the design phase, you will also have to invest time and money in the testing phase (testing a trading robot only on a past history or on a demo account will never replace the effectiveness of a real time test). Most independent traders therefore prefer to turn to professionally developed trading robots, which are not free of charge, but have already been tested and approved by a large community.

Which trading platform and which language ?

Several trading platforms and programming languages allow you to develop and launch a trading robot. Nevertheless, rather than opting for more unusual solutions, trust reputable tools.  For example, the MetaTrader platform and its proprietary language are available free of charge and meet most of the needs of independent traders, allowing them to install, launch and stop their trading robots in complete confidence.

The ARYA Trading assistant

Although we have done our best in this first article to share with sincerity our vision of what a good trading robot is, we have to admit that we may not be totally objective. The ARYA Trading ecosystem includes a trading robot that can assist you in your daily trading and boost your performance: the ARYA Assistant. Thanks to its pre-programmable scenarios and the respect of precise risk management rules, the ARYA Assistant protects your capital by impartially managing all the tasks where your emotions could play tricks on you (defining entry and exit levels, choosing position sizes, managing unrealized capital gains or losses...).

Once the solution is set up, all you have to do is focus on analyzing the markets to select the right asset and bet on the right direction. The ARYA assistant takes care of the rest ! Freed from time-consuming trading tasks, you can finally get away from your screens and save time and money. By making such a tool available to individual investors, our goal is clear : to reduce inequality between institutional and retail traders.