Amgen stock

Are you interested in investing in Amgen, a biotechnology company? Read the following information about this company to make the right choice.

Amgen relies on scientific discoveries and innovations in order to achieve major medical breakthroughs. This 41-year-old American company is particularly focused on biotechnology.

The company has been publicly traded since 1983. Its shares are traded on the NASDAQ index. A leading company in its industry, Amgen has operations in several countries in Europe as well as in Australia, Brazil, and China.

Amgen pays a lot of attention to young companies and their market capitalization. This aspect propels the company to great success. In order to increase its share prices, Amgen has implemented stock repurchase plans.

History of Amgen

Founded in 1980, Amgen (Applied Molecular Genetics) is a biotechnology pioneer. The company develops innovative products based on the breakthrough of recombinant DNA and molecular biology. 

In the biotechnology business, the group supports millions of patients around the world. The drugs developed in the group's laboratory hold the promise of real scientific and medical advances.

Amgen's IPO dates back to 1983 and raised $40 million. 

The company is steadily increasing its efforts to expand its business and strengthen the value of its stock. To achieve its goal, Amgen has embarked on several investments. Here are the most notable ones :

  • The acquisition of Onyx Pharmaceuticals, a company dedicated to oncology.
  • The acquisition of Dezima Pharma, which offered promising treatments for cholesterol.
  • The purchase of Otezla.

Thanks to these numerous acquisitions, Amgen has been able to advance simultaneously in various areas of research. These investments will enable the company to provide several products and treatments to fight diseases such as cancer and anemia.

Amgen business lines 

Amgen is active in the biotechnology sector. The company focuses on the discovery of new scientific formulas, clinical trials, the manufacturing of medicines and treatments, and, since 2017, lobbying.

The Amgen business model

Amgen's business model is based primarily on scientific research. The results of its research enable it to formulate and produce drugs for the treatment of various diseases. 

Amgen earns its profits through product sales and royalties. The company's business is as commendable as it is profitable. Amgen already has a very good reputation, enabling its innovations to sell very easily. 

Acquisitions contribute to the development of Amgen's business and enable diversification. Thanks to these acquisitions, Amgen can expand its research and offer more drugs on the market. 

Amgen's IPO and listing on the stock exchange 

Amgen went public in 1983. At that time, the company's stock was worth $18 a share. Today, a share is worth $236.85. 

While Amgen's PER in 2020 was 14.33, it is currently estimated at 14.69 and 13.48 for the coming year. 

Amgen Trading Information : 

  • Isin code : US0311621009
  • Market : NASDAQ/NGS (GLOBAL SELECT MARKET) in the United States
  • Share price on June 02, 2021 : 253.16 USD 

Factors influencing Amgen's share prices

The discovery of drugs that could cure certain incurable diseases would increase Amgen's share price. This would also be the case if new diseases were to emerge and Amgen were to produce the drugs to treat them. 

In the future, the company is looking to expand into Asia and Africa to broaden its market, a  strategy that will influence the value of Amgen's stock. As a result, sales could also grow.  

Amgen's share price could fall if it turns out that its competitors are able to produce more effective drugs, or if the company makes mistakes in its processes.