Accenture stock

Accenture is constantly evolving. No wonder it appeals to investors. Tempted by Accenture stock? Weigh the pros and cons with this guide.

Accenture is one of the world's largest companies in the consulting and technology industry. It operates in more than 120 countries and employs nearly 460,000 people, as of 2018. Prior to the health crisis of 2020, Accenture's financial position showed positive annual balance sheets and profitable operations. This year, can investing in Accenture stock be profitable? Analyzing Accenture's background, financial and stock information can help find the answer to this question.

Introduction to the stock


Accenture is a global company based in Ireland that specializes in consulting and technology. Founded in 1989 following the separation of the Arthur Andersen group, it was called Andersen Consulting until 2000, when the company changed its name to Accenture. 

American Julie Sweet has been at the helm of the company since 2019. Accenture aims to provide its clients with technology solutions that enable them to improve their performance and productivity.

Areas of expertise

Accenture employs specialist consultants who work in five major areas of expertise :

  • Corporate Strategy (Accenture Strategy)
  • Consulting and guidance (Accenture Consulting)
  • Digital Transformation (Accenture Digital)
  • Technologies (Accenture Technology)
  • Various operations (Accenture Operations): third party account management, management and installation of information systems, IT security, etc).

They accompany, advise and guide company managers and executives to find the best path and make the best decisions in their strategic thinking.

Accenture is present in over 120 countries through its subsidiaries and partners Accenture Spain, Accenture Norway, Accenture United Kingdom, Accenture Switzerland, Accenture Foundation, Accenture France, Avanade and ID2020. 

Market and competition

Accenture's services are categorized as Premium. Thus, its market is generally made up of large clients. It has set up a system and a strategy to reach medium-sized companies. This is an ambitious goal, but difficult to achieve because of the company's Premium image. The evolution of the market share and the behavior of the competition are to be followed closely for this field of activity.

Reasons to buy Accenture stock 

The industrial, mining and commercial sectors certainly attract investors, but service companies also have a significant share in the stock market. Different factors can influence share prices, so it is essential to carry out contextual analysis and to learn about the financial situation of the company before acquiring securities.

Financial information 

Accenture's financial position over the past three years can be summarized as follows in a few figures:

Table reading: 2020, 2019 and 2018 data in millions of euros.

  • Sales : 39,582- 37,782 -34,731
  • Real estate capital : 17 260 -12 536- 9 069
  • Shareholders' equity : 15,626- 12,963-8,953           
  • Financial liabilities : 55,250-19,810-20,881        
  • Cash and cash equivalents - release of availability : 7,598 -5,359 -4,228
  • Net income : 4 630 - 4 237 -3 518

The annual increase is a general trend, regardless of category. 2020 was particularly positive for the company, as difficulties experienced by other companies during the health crisis have become a business opportunity for Accenture. Business leaders are seeking Accenture's services to help them through this period.

Stock market news 

The price of a share at the close of business on 01 April 2021 was $278.73. An increase of 0.55% is observed compared to the previous day's price. The highest price reached in one year is $281.29. The lowest in one year is $148.28. There is almost a 100% variation between the high and low prices.