Abbott Laboratories Stock

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Over the past year, the stock market has been relatively unstable. Some sectors have experienced a decline in activity, while others are more resilient. Abbott Laboratories is among the companies that has bounced back from the Covid-19 crisis. According to figures, Abbott reported $10.7 billion in sales at the end of 2020, up 28.4% from 2019. Interested in knowing more about the company's performance on the financial markets? This guide will tell you all you need to know about Abbott Laboratories stock.

Introduction to the stock

 History of the company

Abbott Laboratories focuses on the development, research, manufacturing and marketing of medical devices and pharmaceutical products. The US-based company opened its doors in 1888. That year, its sales amounted to $2,000.

The group has grown over the years to become, in 2017, a pioneer in diagnostic technology for healthcare centers. Currently, it remains the leader in urgent screening for cardiometabolic disorders, toxicology and infectious diseases.

Company activities

To better understand the profile of Abbott Laboratories, let's first look at its sales, which are divided into 4 categories. Vascular devices represent approximately 34.1% of sales. They include the marketing of stent systems, arterial closures and dilatation catheters among others. Diagnostic systems and instruments represent 31.2 % of the total. Nutritional products, such as food supplements, dietetic products and pediatric nutrition products, account for 22.1% of sales. Drugs, including antivirals, anesthetics and inhibitors make up 12.4%, while other activities represent only 0.2%.

The company makes the most profit in the United States, where it generates 37.6 % of its turnover. The remainder is in Germany with 6.1 %, China with 5.7 %, Japan with 4 %, India (3.8 %), Switzerland with 3.3 %, the Netherlands with 3.1 % and other countries with 36.4 %.


Abbott Laboratories is not alone in offering pharmaceutical products and medical devices. Other companies offering similar services include Johnson & Johnson, an American company that is particularly active in the marketing of pharmaceutical products, Sun Pharmaceutical, an Indian brand specialized in the sale of pharmaceutical products, Pfizer, an American pharmaceutical industry leader, GlaxoSmithKline, one of the top 10 companies in the industry worldwide, and Sanofi, a French brand offering similar services.

Strategies for investing

Learn about forecasting, estimating and evolution

Abbott Laboratories has exceeded all expectations. While financial analysts expected an EPS of 1.35 euro, earnings per share are 1.45 dollar in Q4 2020, therefore higher than the consensus.

The company's sales amount to $34.6 billion for 2020. As usual, diagnostics account for 40%.

In 2021, Abbott Laboratories’ CEO remains confident, expecting to achieve a 35% increase in EPS.

Know the factors that can influence the share price

While Abbott Laboratories currently has a good financial profile, potential investors should always be cautious. Factors that can cause stock can lose or increase in value include the following:

  • The medical innovation on which the group is working
  • Abbott Laboratories' investments and business development
  • The company's cash flow
  • Competitors' activities and strategies
  • Partnerships that can help develop the company's activities.