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Arnaud B

Good evening Fabien! It's been a year since I started using ARYA following your USD/JPY signal for my first trade (It was a win of course). A big thank you!

Yann Fsd

ARYA is a great tool that allowed me to automate my trading. It also allowed me to optimize my time/money and risk/return ratio.


I started with ARYA at the end of 2018 (at the start of the company) and I have seen it all evolve, and I can tell you that it is impressive to find such professionalism and rigor.

Manon Dejean

Thank you for your work! I didn't think I would ever be able to get into the trading world! I discovered a new hobby.

Thibaut Trading

I am a new ARYA user since the beginning of April. I used to be a manual trader for several years, and I must say that after 2 weeks of real use on a small account, I am very satisfied with the algo.


Thank you ARYA, 100% of this software is great. Fortunately my wife is there to stop me at the right moment and bring me back to reality!


Thanks to ARYA I had a great performance this month! My goal of the month is already reached.


Great results, while I'm sleeping on the Dow Jones in M15 for a buy order I made last night! Epic.

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